'runScript' Console Command

How do you run BioShock scripts? Well with the 'runScript' command of course. You can do some amazing stuff like enter ghost and dizzy (when consuming more than one alcholic drink) vision.

Another neat thing that can be done with this command is the ability to spawn AIs at will. There is a catch though. You can only spawn AI at specific "spawn location" in the game. Like you can spawn as many AIs as you want to come out of stall in the 'Dames' restroom part of the Kashmir Restaurant area. It is funny to see a bunch of splicers running out of a single stall. They will start attacking each other or just run around the level looking for trouble.

This post will be updated with new 'runscript' commands as I find them.

You can now find the GUI Script Log section. This section is a copy of what the game generates in the "Script Log" window as you're playing. This is how I find script names to use with the 'runScript' command.

Command Syntax:

runScript NameOfScript

Working Scripts:

runScript BloodAlcoholLevel <-- causes dizzy effect like when drinking alcohol (have to run it several times); doesn't drain or give health though

runScript Ghost_TwoTwo <-- shows "i'm too spliced up..." ghost vision (you'll have to be in the restroom to see the ghost)

runScript GhostScreenOnScript2 <-- shows fuzzy ghost vision (warning: haven't found a way to stop it)

runScript Bathroom_AISpawn <-- spawns AI from the stall located in the 'Dames' bathroom of the Kashmir Restaurant

runScript KitchenAmbush <-- spawns two AIs at a time in the pool area near the kitchen of the Kashmir Restaurant

runScript Restaurant_ShockAIs2 <-- shows "Atlas: If you spot a splicer in the water, ..." speech

runScript IncinerationAIScript <-- spawns AI on the 2nd floor after you start going up the stairs from the pool/kitchen aread of the Kashmir Restaurant

Usage Examples:

runScript Ghost_TwoTwo view screenshot
runScript Bathroom_AISpawn (how many can fit) view screenshot
runScript Bathroom_AISpawn (searching for trouble) view screenshot
runScript KitchenAmbush view screenshot
runScript IncinerationAIScript view screenshot

GUI Script Log:

Crash Site/Lighthouse view script log
Welcome to Rapture view script log
Medical Pavilion view script log
Neptune's Bounty view script log

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