How to make a Pseudo Console

This pseudo console allows you to apply console commands without having to change your "user.ini" or "defuser.ini" file over and over again. A great time-saver if you want to try a bunch of console commands out. This method also allows multiple commands to be executed.

Thanks to 'RedCell' from the Bioshock 2K forum:

"I've been messing around with Bioshock and have come up with a method
to effectively allow you to run console commands while the game
remains running. It seems our buddies over at Unreal have brought the exec
command over to UE3! Method is as follows:

1. Create a text file in your *BioShock\Content\System folder and name it whatever you want, I used console.txt.

2. Inside the file you can put any command line parameters you would
like to run. They do not need to be in quotes or anything... mine just
says Say test123. Save the file.

3. In your users.ini file create a keybinding for one of your keys
that says exec , in my case F11= exec console.txt

4. If you see Player: test123 pop up on your screen, it worked.


It would seem the file is opened and read each time you use the bind.
Effectively this allows you to alt-tab out of the game, open the
console.txt file, change the command, save, re-open the game, and
hit the bound key. If you're running in windowed mode, it's even easier. Leave the text file open while you're playing, and when you want to enter a new command, modify the file, save, and go back in game, hit the bind.

It works and I've tested it. What's even better is you can do multiple commands at once, for example:

Say God mode enabled!

If someone were able to create a program that can hook the display/keyboard, listen for a specific key to be pressed, pause the game, and listen for the keys you are typing on the keyboard, save them to the console.txt file, then reactivate the game and run the bind then I suppose you could have a "pseudo" console.

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